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The brief was to produce a film highlighting SWG Group's expertise in building homes and to document the ongoing project in Callaughtons Ash, Shropshire. 


The film was to detail the various stages of the construction process.


Additionally, it showcase’s the company's diverse portfolio, spanning residential, commercial, educational, healthcare, and industrial sectors.


Ultimately, the film aims to position SWG Group as the premier choice for construction services, appealing to potential customers seeking a reliable and skilled construction company.

Site manager


a man in a yellow vest and a man in a white helmet standing next to a camera

We began by carefully planning the logistics of the shoot, including scheduling interviews.

Our team arrived early to set up equipment and ensure that everything was in place. We conducted pre-interview meetings with each participant to establish rapport and ensure they felt comfortable on camera.


During the interviews, we used a practical method: positioning a script out of sight. We had the director and site manager deliver lines in response to questions, making it appear unscripted to the viewers. 


We also made sure to capture multiple takes to ensure we had a variety of footage to work with in post-production.


We also filmed b-roll footage to enhance the film's visual storytelling. This included shots of the construction site, workers, and close-ups of materials and equipment.


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